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Three secret benefits of gifting flowers for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with it the opportunity to celebrate the incredible women in our lives. Flowers are the classic demonstration of this celebration, and it’s easy to easy to understand why. After all, they’re as beautiful, uplifting, and diverse as the people who receive them!

Whether you intend to give a simple bouquet or a specially crafted floral arrangement, flowers of any kind make a lovely Mother’s Day statement. Such a statement goes beyond a simple token of appreciation, and in the same vein, the value of flowers runs deeper than their beauty. Consider these lesser-known, yet no less important, benefits of giving flowers for Mother’s Day.

Flowers Make Givers Just as Happy as Recipients

Flowers are a truly wonderful expression of appreciation, recognition, and love. It makes sense, then, that getting flowers makes people happy. The fact that giving flowers makes people even happier is a bit more surprising. According to several studies, flower-givers feel a sense of pleasure and accomplishment. Along with the feelings of appreciation and love that prompted them to give flowers in the first place, this means people perceive givers as happy, friendly, and successful. In other words, giving flowers is good for everyone!

They Bring Beauty to Any Living Space

Fresh flowers make the ultimate pick-me-up. Bright, colorful, and beautifully scented, they immediately draw the eye, perfume the air and beautify the entire room. Bouquets and arrangements lighten the mood, brighten the home and enchant anyone in the vicinity, making them a gift everyone enjoys.

Flowers Are Physically and Psychologically Beneficial

Giving flowers, tending flowers, and simply looking at flowers offer myriad benefits. In general, plants soothe bystanders and caretakers alike. The carbon dioxide elimination and oxygen emissions purify air, and simply looking at the vibrant blooms themselves are soothing. Studies have shown that being near flowers have a direct impact on emotional health. In fact, they actually inspire feelings of calmness, satisfaction and happiness! Numerous studies a positive correlation between flowers and improved emotional health. In short, flowers make you happy, and being happy makes you healthy.

The beauty, benefits and symbolic nature of flowers secure their place as the ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

Whatever the occasion, flowers make wonderful and meaningful gifts for the important people in your life, so contact us at 281-761-6300 to get recommendations or place your order.

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