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Growing and Striving with Katy ISD

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Out of all the school districts in America, Texas is honored to have some of the greatest. However, one district near Houston stands out quite substantially. Recognized by the Texas Education Agency, Katy ISD has earned its keep as one of the greatest schools in Texas. Katy ISD is currently home to over 70,000 students and 4,000 teachers. The district spreads across Houston and Katy, with sixty-three schools covering Pre-K through 12th grade.

According to an article on Wikipedia, Katy ISD got its start as the "Katy Common School District" in a house in 1898. The following year, a small wooden schoolhouse was built. After being struck by a hurricane in 1900, a new and improved schoolhouse was built out of brick in 1909. Katy kept up with the improvements throughout the years and has continued to grow and expand. It has since grown from 263 students in 1934 to the 70,000 students in attendance in 2016. Katy ISD isn't stopping now. The school district has opened two new elementary schools and a junior high school in 2016; and plans to open up an elementary school, a junior high school, a high school, a new stadium, and an agriculture science facility in 2017.

It's no question that Katy ISD cares for their students, as they do everything in their power to help young minds develop into strong leaders and help mold their future. As said on the Katy ISD website "Each student will be provided engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning experiences which foster the acquisition of the KISD Instructional Cornerstone Skills (collaboration, communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, information literacy, problem solving and social contribution) that lead to student success".

Throughout every school in the district, you can find countless teachers and staff members giving their all to better the lives of their students.

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For list of all schools and addresses in Katy ISD please visit KATY ISD DIRECTORY


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