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Can Flowers Be Used to Improve Your Business?

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Everyone just assumes that flowers are only good for birthdays, anniversaries, to say get well and romantic expressions. Have you ever heard of flower power? You'd be surprised to hear it can improve your mental health and mood. It's been proven that flowers are linked to improved wellness. This is why we bring them to people in the hospital or those that are sick. Flowers can help lift people's spirits, so why are we only using them for these occasions?

How does that correlate to having flowers in a business setting? Flowers can boost employee morale by improving the workplace atmosphere. Flowers can improve an employee's productivity and efficiency by improving their morale. Not to mention they can be used for employee recognition and to improve your employee retention. Employees can burnout. Some employees burnout faster than others. Make their environment more than just square cubicles. Bring in something to brighten their day.

How else can having flowers at work improve your business? Not only can flowers improve your employees' moods, you can improve your customers' moods, as well. Customers see bright colorful flowers as they walk into your establishment and their moods are brightened. If they had a bad day before walking in, you just made it easier for them to be open to your sales pitch.

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day just a little. Take a step to give your business an advantage. Reduce your employee burnout and turnover. Improve your client's day. Small steps can take you great distances, even if it is just a flower a day.

Another great way to improve your business is to improve relationships with your customers and business partners. Nothing says thank you like a lovely bunch of flowers sent to your customer or nice gourmet gift basket sent to your business clients and partners. 

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