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Flower Delivery Information

For your most special occasions or just beacuse Flower Delivery in Katy florist hand delivers flowers, plants, gift baskets and balloons in Katy TX, Richmond TX, Fulshear TX areas. We can have your flowers delivered to most of the Texas area, even worldwide (where deliveries are possible). Unfortunately, with such a big obligation comes also a set of rules to be followed, or policies.


We stand 100% behind our product, but we stand 100% behind you. We work hard to create flowers like you see them on our site; Shop only with trusted farms and suppliers, but every once in a while something will happen, and you know it and we know it. Between Mother Nature and us humans, every once in a while something will go wrong and, we might need to use another flower, or we might come after lunch instead of before, or our gorgeous rose might just decide to give up after 3-4 days. What we can and will promise is: We will do our best to fix what needs to (or can) be fixed. If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know and we will always have your back.

Delivery date and time

Here at Flower Delivery in Katy we will try to accommodate your specific date and time requests, as long as they are reasonable and fitting local customs and standards. Unfortunately, often we do not have control over some local customs and standards. Different time zones and different holidays can influence your delivery request. We will communicate with you and keep you updated, but every once in a while your delivery will have to be moved to the first available date and time.

Floral Holidays

During peak floral holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Week, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we cannot guarantee specific delivery times. On such occasions, rule of thumb is: “Funerals on time, Businesses by five, and Homes at any time.” It is possible that your deliveries will be completed late in the day, even in the evening. On the local level, we will try to honor your requests, but as much as we are sorry, we cannot guarantee time requests during peak floral Holidays

Specific Time deliveries

For orders placed at least 72 hours in the advance, Flower Delivery in Katy will try to honor your requests, whether it is AM delivery, PM delivery or delivery by specific time such as "Before 3 PM". Please keep in mind that this rule does not apply for Peak Floral Holidays (Valentine’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Week, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas). However, we cannot accept requests for deliveries AT specific time, such as delivery AT 6.30 PM (For local deliveries we offer this service at a fee, but we can not guarantee such requests at national and international level). Please note that our cutoff for hand deliveries is at 12 PM – If you need something delivered after hours we can recommend few local Courier Service companies that can take over your delivery or you can also use Fedex Same Day City service (delivery rates in this case are paid directly to the Courier or Fedex).

Sunday and Federal Holiday deliveries

Delivery on Federal Holidays and Sundays is not available, as a rule. We will try our best to arrange delivery for Holidays and Sundays, but unfortunately it is most of the times in most of the parts of the world such deliveries are not available.  

Delivery address

We cannot stress enough how important is the correct delivery address including ZIP code. The small mistake between zip codes 77060 and 77061 is 25 miles on one of the most congested highways, and sometimes it means that your delivery will have to be moved to the next day. Please make sure you have the correct delivery address to ensure your floral gift arrives just as it was supposed to.

Airport delivery

We do not offer deliveries to Airports. Heightened security measures and lack of designated delivery areas for our delivery vans makes it next to impossible to complete these deliveries in a timely and successful manner.

Business delivery

Business deliveries are generally completed between 10 AM and 4 PM. We need Full name of the recipient (while we really have nothing against “The prettiest girl in the world Samantha” or “Grandma Susan” people working at the entry points in the office buildings do not find that amusing at all), full address, name of the business, suite number where applicable, and contact telephone. Time the business closes, or recipient leaves work is also very helpful when scheduling business delivery.

Business delivery often comes with few specificities: Some office buildings have designated delivery areas, so called mail rooms, and it is at the discretion of the mail room staff how and when the delivery will be completed. In some companies, security desk is as far as we can go. Also, some companies won’t accept deliveries unless the person receiving flowers comes downstairs to meet the driver at the security desk and accept the delivery (this is why we need contact telephone number)

Funeral home delivery

We require name of the deceased, always. If funeral date and time are available it is very helpful, but not always necessary. Flower delivery times are scheduled with funeral homes and directors, always. Please do not pay extra for AM or PM delivery, it is a waste of money. We always follow the requests of funeral homes and directors: Some smaller funeral homes can only accept flowers for one service at the time. Some funeral homes will request that we take the flowers directly to the church, etc.

We cannot guarantee the placement of your flowers inside the funeral home. This is completely at the discretion of the funeral directors.

Home delivery

Deliveries to homes are generally completed between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM local time. We require contact telephone for the recipient. Sometimes we have to call to schedule deliveries (certain gated communities - Yes, we are looking at you Weston Lakes in Fulshear). Sometimes, the recipient is not there and we have to call to make arrangements. Sometimes we will have to tag the door and/or leave the flowers with a neighbor. We generally do not leave flowers at the door/porch unless instructed by the recipient of the flowers. They are the ones who know local weather, safety of their neighborhood, and time they will arrive home.

Hospital delivery

Please let us know if the delivery is for an Employee or the Patient. We always need the full name, and possibly building/room/floor number. For maternity ward, the name of the child is not acceptable as the “recipient of the delivery”. We need full name of the mother (sometimes even maiden name).

Few notes to remember when it comes to hospital deliveries: No latex balloons – most of the hospitals do not allow latex balloons; Foil (mylar) balloons are more than welcome. ICU deliveries often have to be postponed until the patient is moved to a regular room. Some hospitals have designated delivery areas, so called “flower rooms” and it is at the discretion of flower room staff and hospital volunteers how and when the delivery will be completed


Please let us know when the delivery is for the Church Staff. For churches we need office telephone number, and the “main contact cell phone” to complete deliveries. Keep in mind that most church offices are closed on Friday or have “per appointment only” work hours.

For funeral service, church office number is often not enough due to limited work hours of the church offices. We usually ask for telephone number for the “additional contact person” or “funeral director”.

School and College Delivery

Schools (from pre-K to High School), as a rule do not accept delivery for students. They will accept deliveries for the staff only at the school/front office. Drivers are not allowed to make a hand delivery to the classroom/gym, etc.

University and college deliveries

College campus deliveries are very difficult to complete, and almost always have an open delivery date. Unfortunately, we cannot make deliveries to study halls, libraries, or any other student gathering areas. What we can do, most of the time is deliver to student’s dorms. We always need the contact telephone number for the student – and even with that sometimes it takes 2-3 days to reach student.

Gravesite and Graveside delivery

At this time we offer gravesite delivery for Forest Park Westheimer cemetery in Houston, only. We require plot and section number.  Only Graveside Funeral delivery we offer is to Houston National Cemetery (Veteran’s and Military).  

Post Office Boxes and Mail Centers
We do not accept deliveries to P.O. boxes. Some Mail Centers will accept floral deliveries but since most of them won’t, we advise strongly against sending gifts to anything but proper physical address.

Delivery Charge

Flower delivery in Katy, Texas is free. For all other parts we charge for hand delivery. Our hand delivery is a service for a fee. We try to be open about our fees. We have found out in our personal shopping experience that free shipping is usually calculated into the price of the product. If you still prefer "free shipping", let us know. We'll invoice you the lump sum. For your delivery to be completed there are costs involved: Car, Registration, Insurance, Driver, Gas, Taxes (all kinds of taxes). This is why we charge our delivery service. If you prefer to save a few dollars, we recommend picking-up arrangement. It is always free.

Delivery Charges are as follows: Our delivery charges are between $9.99 and $20.00, distance dependent;

Service Charge

We do not have service charge, and we love educating our customers on what is exactly “service charge”. You know how when you look for the florist online you see those great deals for “flowers starting at $19.99”. After you paid for flowers, same day delivery and an extra vase, you pay something these companies used to call “service and delivery fee” until few judges told them to stop deceiving public and now it is called “service charge”. This is a charge big re-sellers bill you in order to find a florist on your behalf – yes, it is true. You pay $15-$20 to some re-seller / call center to find a florist on your behalf (whether you call them or place order online). Well, since we are real florists we don’t need to charge you to find ourselves. We know where we’re at.

Some delivery practices

Contact with the recipient: While the flowers are often meant as a surprise, in most of the cases we have to contact the recipient to ensure delivery. We are trying to avoid multiple deliveries (and multiple delivery charges) by making arrangements with the recipient.

Anonymous flowers: Please do not forget to sign your card. While we are forced by Privacy Act to safeguard your information, we generally frown upon “anonymous sender”. You also have to consider two laws that will supersede your “right to privacy” – Freedom of Information and Stalking Laws, and we will release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety.

Leaving flowers at the door/porch: We do not recommend leaving flowers outside unless specifically instructed by the recipient. If you choose to still request flowers being left outside, you will assume full responsibility for theft or damage.

Wrong address: You will assume full responsibility for the delivery address given. Our deliveries are pooled, and rerouting your delivery to the new address is not possible on a moment’s notice. Wrong address might move your delivery to the new date. Please double check the address and the zip code.

Cancellations and refunds

You can cancel your order any time for the full refund as long as it has not been already delivered. Please keep in mind that shall the order be cancelled due to wrong address provided after the delivery was attempted, you will be charged delivery fee. If you have any complaints regarding the quality of the product or the service, please contact us within 7 days.

Contact and questions

Flower Delivery in Katy

12811 Westheimer Rd. Ste 200

Houston, TX 77077

(281) 761-6298



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